Key learnings in this workshop

Emotions guide, enrich and ennoble life - they provide meaning to everyday existence and render the valuation placed on life and property. Moreover, with the power to entice us to select one particular item from a row of similar products, emotions have a considerable influence on our purchase decisions.

Not only are emotions involved in our reasoning about what product to buy, they also have a significant effect on post-purchase satisfaction and product attachment. In addition, the emotions we experience daily, including those we experience in response to the designed objects that surround us, have been shown to be main determinants of our general well-being.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to make an intended emotional profile for your product or service, based on the personal background (such as values) of your customers.
  • Get an understanding of how emotions are evoked and experienced.
  • See examples of existing instruments to measure emotional impact.
  • Get a profound understanding of how you can generate concepts or designs with an intended emotional effect.